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To become a member, complete the Membership Application Form and send it to:

General Membership Requirements:

  • Annual Dues: $125

  • Educational Background: Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

  • Professional Experience: 10–15 years of professional experience or the equivalent combination of higher education and professional experience.

  • Current Professional Position: Serving in an executive-level position at a company or organization.

  • Sponsorship: General membership applications require the sponsorship of at least two Founding Members.

In special circumstances, the WhE Board may waive membership requirements with a majority vote if, in the membership’s discretion, the candidate embodies and will advance WhE´s mission, vision and values.


Founding Membership:

Founding Members meet all the above-stated general membership requirements and have served in WhE since its inception in August 2020. The Founding Member designation was created by WhE’s Bylaws, and Founding Members were selected by WhE’s initial Board of Directors.

Associate Membership:

If you do not qualify for General Membership and/or work for a WhE Institutional Member you can apply for associate membership to participate in WhE events, WhE training, and networking opportunities. Associate Membership requires completion of an application form, payment of annual dues, and sponsorship by at least two Founding Members.

Institutional Membership:

Organizations that share and support WhE’s mission, vision, and values are eligible to apply for Institutional Membership. Institutional Membership includes two Associate Memberships. Institutional Membership requires completion of an application form, payment of annual dues, and approval by WhE’s Board of Directors.

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