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Press Release



We are very excited to announce the launch of our association WhE, Women Hispanic Executives Association.

March 8th, 2021


Nasdaq Seeks Board-Diversity Rule That Most Listed Firms Don’t Meet

Exchange operator seeks to require companies to have at least one female board member, plus one from an underrepresented minority group.


Women in Business Leadership Boost ESG Performance: Existing Body of Evidence Makes Compelling Case

This paper explores the existing body of research linking a higher proportion of women in business leadershipto better overall company performance. 


2020 Women On Boards

Gender Diversity Index

2020 Progress of Women Corporate Directors by Company Size, State and Industry Sector.


How to Climb the Corporate Ladder While Working Remotely

Women would be wise to learn how to navigate the new office politics, executive coaches say.


This state requires company boards to include women. A new lawsuit says that’s unconstitutional.

A shareholder for a company with an all-male board is suing California over a law that requires public companies to have women on their boards.


Solving the Disappearing Women Problem

Lessons from Companies That Prioritize Diversity.

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